In a statement released today to several news outlets, incumbent Red Bank Councilwoman Angela Mirandi, up for re-election this year, stated the following: “For the record, I’d like to say I am willing to debate Republicans Mr. Taylor and Mr. Penney, live and in-person, in an appropriate setting. Although I appreciate the offer sent by Ms. Goldsmith, I don’t think a bar is a conducive setting for a serious conversation and debate. Also, I don’t think Ms. Goldsmith can be considered a neutral moderator as her husband is a member of the Red Bank Democratic Committee which has not recognized or supported Mr. Jackson or myself as their Democratic candidates. In fact, many of the newly-elected Red Bank Democratic Committee members have demonstrated and voiced their support for the Republican candidates with no basis other than their hatred for the former Democratic Chair of our town.
The false narrative the Republican candidates and some Democratic Committee members are using for their “platform” is that Mr. Jackson and I are “puppets”. Not only is this totally unfounded, but I find it to be personally insulting as a woman. Is it hard for these people to believe a strong, intelligent, professionally successful woman could actually think on her own and make her own decisions?! It’s disappointing to think in 2022 women are still fighting these stereotypes. Mr. Taylor and Mr. Penney and some of these newly-elected Democratic Committee members are part of the reason that this year a woman’s right to make decisions on her own health care is being challenged. Since I have never met nor have had a conversation with Mr. Taylor or Mr. Penney nor many of these “Democratic” Committee members, their stereotyping, labeling, and name calling says a lot about their character and integrity.
The League of Women Voters moderated the last Primary Debate and were working on a Red Bank debate since September. They offered to host the Red Bank Debate like they are doing for many other towns. I was not aware until recently that all their debates would be virtual. My preference would be that the four candidates be in the same room during the debate, however, I would be more than willing to participate in a virtual forum.
Again, I look forward to debating my Republican opponents to hear more about their platform which is:

1. Support a public vote item on the November ballot that no candidate, governing body member, or even the President of the United States has any control over. It is up to the voters to make their own decision.

2. Their constant rhetoric to “Stop the Chaos” yet they continue to perpetuate it. This ongoing immature, hateful, and degrading behavior displayed by Mr. Taylor and Mr. Penney represents the problem not the solution. ”
Councilwoman Mirandi concluded, “My only objective now and in the future of being on Council is to use my professional experience to help solve the problems Red Bank faces including hiring a CFO and Borough Administrator. I ask the Red Bank Community to ignore the immature political mudslinging and vote for the candidates who have a plan, the integrity, and shared values that will help Move Red Bank Forward.”

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