Representative Andy Kim Addresses Money’s Influence in Politics – July 14, 2021 – PRESS RELEASE


Representative Andy Kim to Join American Promise New Jersey on July 14 for a Virtual Event: “Discussion – Congress Must Represent People, Not Money.”

Cherry Hill, NJ, July 9, 2021: Join American Promise New Jersey chapter for a virtual discussion with our special guest Congressman Andy Kim (NJ-3) to highlight the effects of ever increasing money in politics on issues important to the 3rd district of New Jersey as well as his observations of its effects on his day to day work in Congress to represent the needs of constituents.

This event is Wednesday, July 14, 2021 at 5:00 pm. It is open to the public and will offer an opportunity for Q&A. Sign up now at

American Promise Advocates a Constitutional Amendment that has Broad Cross-Partisan Support

Americans are frustrated that the government fails to represent them. Issue after issue concerning public welfare with widely popular, commonsense solutions fail to be enacted by Congress. Yet heavy special interest political spending on these same issues has a powerful sway in protecting the outcome desired by the wealthy donors. We will discuss the importance of the solution that we advocate to this toxic influence on our system of government — a solution supported by 75% of Americans across the political spectrum: a constitutional amendment.
American Promise is a cross-partisan organization of citizen advocates committed to ratifying a 28th amendment to the Constitution that would give Americans the right to place reasonable limits on campaign contributions and restore human liberty to people, not corporations or the wealthy elite.

Our New Jersey chapter of American Promise based in Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester counties has been honored to have Congressman Kim as a co-sponsor and strong supporter of such an amendment since his initial campaign launched in 2017.

Join Us and Learn About Returning Political Power to All of the People

Register at for instructions on how to attend and to learn about the work of American Promise citizen advocates to return government to We the People, Not Money by amending the constitution like every generation of American citizens has done.

For questions, contact us at

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