SCDC/WCDC Statement on Parker Space

Parker Space not only made his remarks in a public park during a public event, but also, he was quite clear that it could be “put on the record”. Now that it has, it’s time for our assemblyman to take accountability. After all, isn’t that what we look for when watching our elected officials? Blaming democrats for his own words is just more proof this assemblyman is unfit for public office. This is not an isolated incident where Mr. Space made a mistake; this is a pattern of behavior that speaks to his character. All residents of LD 24 deserve better representation. We deserve a person who demonstrates sound judgment and measured action. Mr. Space lashed out at his female opponent with derogatory remarks when, in reality, his own actions caused his distress. His first response to criticism when he posted a picture with a confederate flag was “kiss my butt”. Now, when he is criticized for labeling his opponent with vulgarities, he challenges all Democratic legislators to take a polygraph. Are these the actions of an elected official? Perhaps more specifically, the actions of an elected official who plans to travel to Trenton and work alongside Democrats who also control the legislature? Is Parker Space capable of helping our district? Is this the type of elected official we want to entrust bringing tax dollars back from Trenton? Do we believe that he can do this effectively and diplomatically? As we have seen, rather, heard, in the last 24 hours, the answer is a resounding NO. Time and time again, Mr. Space has proved incapable of taking responsibility for his hateful words and poor judgment. Our district suffers from his lack of leadership.


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