Senator Gill: “This Process Has Just Begun”

Senator Gill

Senator Gill: “This Process Has Just Begun”

MONTCLAIR – On January 11 at noon, all forty Senators will cast their vote on the Senate floor to choose the next Senate President. I am proceeding with my candidacy to the floor of the Senate as this will allow the people to engage in this process by voicing their opinions. The vote will occur after Senators have had a chance to have an open and transparent discussion in full view of the public.

The people, who demanded change this election, deserve to have their voice acknowledged and heard in determining the next Senate President. As of the last Census, New Jersey is now over 51% women and over 48% people of color. Since the adoption of our state constitution 177 years ago, of the 114 past Presidents of the New Jersey Senate, none have been women or people of color. Though we are one of the most diverse states in the nation, we have never had diversity in the Senate Presidency.

I look forward to presenting my candidacy at the reorganization to be voted on before the full Senate. We must remember that the Senate President does not serve as President of the Democrats or the Republicans but as the President of the entire Senate. This includes creating the space for meaningful and robust discussions between both parties. I will work with every Senator in all forty districts to ensure that we build a better New Jersey, united together.

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