Senator Latham Tiver Introduces Veteran Healthcare Bill Package

Senator Latham Tiver Introduces Veteran Healthcare Bill Package

TRENTON – Senator Latham Tiver was proud to announce the introduction of a series of bills aimed at enhancing support and services for veterans and their families. The comprehensive package, comprising three bills, underscores Senator Tiver’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being of those who have served our nation.

“Providing high-quality physical and mental health services to our veterans is of utmost importance,” said Senator Tiver.  “After the horrors during the pandemic we witnessed in our state-run Veteran Memorial Homes, it is critical that we implement safety measures to ensure the state never allows such tragedies to occur again.”

The three bills introduced by Senator Tiver are as follows:

A-4183: Recruitment, Training, and Retention of Health Care Professionals in Veterans Memorial Homes

This bill seeks to establish a program dedicated to the recruitment, training, and retention of healthcare professionals within veterans memorial homes. By appropriating $370,000 towards this initiative, Senator Tiver aims to bolster the quality of care provided to our esteemed veterans, ensuring they receive the highest standard of medical attention and support.

A-4185: Counseling Program for Eligible Family Members of Active-Duty Military Members and Disabled Veterans

Recognizing the integral role played by the families of active-duty military members and disabled veterans, Senator Tiver’s bill proposes the establishment of a counseling program specifically tailored to their needs. By offering support and guidance to eligible family members, this initiative aims to address the unique challenges they may face, fostering resilience and well-being within military households.

A-4186: Creation of Veterans’ Memorial Homes Oversight Board

In an effort to enhance accountability and oversight within veterans’ memorial homes, Senator Tiver’s bill calls for the creation of a Veterans’ Memorial Homes Oversight Board. This board will be tasked with ensuring that these facilities maintain the highest standards of care and operation, safeguarding the well-being and dignity of our nation’s veterans.

Senator Tiver emphasized the significance of these bills, stating, “Our veterans have made tremendous sacrifices in service to our country, and it is our duty to ensure they receive the support and care they deserve. These bills represent a vital step towards fulfilling that obligation and honoring the commitment we have made to those who have served.”

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