Singh Campaign Releases New Ad, “The Murphy Threat”

Singh Campaign Releases New Ad, “The Murphy Threat”


Princeton – Engineer, businessman, problem-solver and gubernatorial candidate Hirsh Singh has released his second TV ad, “The Murphy Threat.”

The 30-second spot features Singh speaking directly to the voters and warning that New Jersey can’t afford the threat posed by Phil Murphy’s candidacy.

Unlike the slick, divisive and often vapid ads produced by career politicians, Singh’s spot relies only on the camera and is an opportunity for him to speak directly with the voters.

The spot is part of a $300,000 media buy that has featured recent releases on television and radio with more to come.

“The Murphy Threat” can be viewed here:

A full transcript also follows here:

Hirsh Singh:

This is Hirsh Singh speaking directly to you; I have only one message:

I am the only conservative running for Governor.

Democrats are pushing socialist banker, Phil Murphy — an Obama insider — who’s trying to buy the governorship and raise our taxes.

I’m an engineer, not a politician.

No one who’s been in government can stop Murphy.

I can and I will.

We can’t afford the Murphy threat in New Jersey.

I’m Hirsh Singh, engineer for Governor.

Singh has previously released the following spots as a part of his media campaign:

TV – “Hirsh

TV – “Problem-Solver

Radio – “A Conservative”

Singh also authored a four-page letter sent to nearly 150,000 primary voting Republicans across NJ.


Hirsh Singh is a native of Linwood, New Jersey.  He graduated from Egg Harbor Township High School where he was voted Mr. Egg Harbor Township and the New Jersey Institute of Technology where he earned a degree in engineering.  He is a results-driven industry leader and problem solver.  Hirsh wants to cut taxes, reform school funding, and reduce regulations.  Learn more about Hirsh and his platform at

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