South Jersey Pro-Life Coalition: South Jersey Residents Voice Concerns Over Their Town Being Home of Leading Abortion Facility

South Jersey Pro-Life Coalition: South Jersey Residents Voice Concerns Over Their Town Being Home of Leading Abortion Facility

CHERRY HILL, NJ (July 2) – As Gov. Murphy forges ahead to make NJ a sanctuary state for abortions as evidenced by Friday’s legislation signed into law prohibiting any legal hinderance for women to come to NJ for an abortion at any stage of pregnancy up to birth, for any reason at any time, along, with the passage of the NJ’s State Budget that includes $45 million to expand abortion services and to Planned Parenthood and to the Cherry Hill Women’s Center – a growing outcry of concern arises from the residents of Cherry Hill.

Activists gathered Saturday morning during this holiday weekend at the intersection of Chapel Ave. & Kings Highway displaying the banner – “Welcome to Cherry Hill the Abortion Capitol of America”. The Cherry Hill Women’s Center (CHWC), located at 502 Kings Highway, is currently the largest surgical abortion center in the Delaware Valley and is estimated to kill over 200 babies every week, over 10K every year.
“We don’t want our town to be known for the place to come kill your baby,”said one activist and resident of Cherry Hill, holding a smaller sign — “Let LIFE be our banner.”
“Cherry Hill is a blossoming commerce township and there are thousands of taxpayers who, simply put, believe in the sanctity of life for future generations and no longer want to hold the record of killing the most babies in the state of New Jersey.” stated Nicole Nance, 2021 Cherry Hill Town Council Candidate
“The new legislation with increased funding to expand abortion in NJ will make Cherry Hill the leading killer of African Americans.” Says Rev. Clenard H. Childress, Jr., Founder of

Residents are concerned about the safety of their families. The anticipated increase of abortion traffic to their town of Cherry Hill which already sees high-volume abortion now, will also bring an influx of sex traffickers. This is especially concerning since Cherry Hill High School West is only 1.5 miles from the abortion center.

Residents are also concerned about the type of workers the CHWC attract. According to a source, they already employ a security guard with a criminal history as well as escorts and hired hecklers to harass, intimidate and bully sidewalk counselors who offer alternatives to women and those coming to peacefully pray.

The political platform and promise to expand abortion made by District State Legislators (Senator James Beach, Aswm. Pamela Lampitt, and Asm. Louis Greenwald,) and U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross along with the response to the Roe v Wade Supreme Court Decision from Cherry Hill Mayor Susan Angulo not only leave residents feeling misrepresented but also without hope for the future of their town.

Local founder of GateKeepers Kingdom Impact Ministries, Dr. James D. Treadwell, Jr., says “Since God is the giver of life, and the originator of life and all life starts through Him, irregardless of your religious beliefs, man should consider if they’re reaching beyond their delegated authority and inherited intelligence, to end that life.


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