Stanfield, Peters resolution urges Congress to extend special education funding to age 22

Stanfield, right, and Peters.


Stanfield, Peters resolution urges Congress to extend special education funding to age 22


TRENTON – Assemblywoman Jean Stanfield and Assemblyman Ryan Peters introduced a resolution calling on Congress to fund special education for students on their last year of school eligibility to return for another year.


“Many special needs students and young adults with individualized education programs were left behind when schools went remote last spring. There are added challenges in the community that make virtual learning extremely difficult or nearly impossible,” Stanfield said. “Special education students deserve the opportunity to make up the education they have missed during the pandemic.”


Resolution AR245, urges Congress to amend the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to expand eligibility for funding to students with special needs who are 22 years of age for the next school year. Special education students are currently eligible for a public education up until age 21


“Our special education students need help from our nation so they are not robbed of an entire school year. They have largely been left out of the federal stimulus packages and may be the community who needs our help the most. Expanding this funding is the right thing to do,” Peters said.


Last November, Stanfield introduced bill A5025 to expand the state’s “Bridge Year Pilot Program,” to allow students with special needs to attend school a year past their eligibility. That bill has not moved although a similar bill has passed the Senate. Assemblywoman Stanfield is  elevating her concerns for special education students to a national level in order to obtain the funding needed.


“However we need to get this done, we have to do it. Whether it’s at a state level or federal government extends the funding an extra year. These students need a voice. What we’re asking for pales in comparison to the relief the government has provided others during the pandemic,” Stanfield said.

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