State Senate Candidate Scott Pollack Stands with the Haitian Community against Biden’s Deportations


Montclair, NJ- State Senate Candidate in the 34th legislative district released the following statement standing in solidarity with the Haitian community against the Biden Administration.

“The Haitian community in New Jersey is vibrant and strong and they have showed President Biden and Governor Murphy that their votes will not be taken for granted. The Haitian community is seeking refuge from a violent homeland, but the current treatment they are facing highlights the hypocrisy of the Biden Administration”, stated Pollack, “While my opponent neglects the Haitian community and takes their votes for granted, I will be their champion in the State Senate.”

“The Haitian community will not let Democrats stereotype us and take our votes for granted based on the color of our skin. The actions of Joe Biden and Phil Murphy and the silence of Nia Gill have done far more to harm our community than Donald Trump’s tweets ever will”, stated Renel Pierre, a Haitian community activist, “I’m proud to stand with Scott Pollack for State Senate and I know he will be our champion in Trenton, and fight the good fight to end unlawful deportations and give our community the respect it deserves.”

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