Statement from Marcos Marte 33rd District Assembly Candidate

Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.

John F. Kennedy

Hello, I am Marcos Marte candidate for the New Jersey State Assembly in the 33rd District of Hudson County.

As a lifetime New Jersey resident and son to immigrants from the Dominican Republic, with tremendous love and gratitude to my state and country;

I’ve decided to heed the calling of the Fathers before me, who have devoted their lives to the cause of the Republican Party;

Driven by the inspiration of the immense immorality of the Democratic Party and its perverse actions regarding our Governmental structures of power, the time is now for youthful Republicans to participate in the pursuit of reverse actions across ineffective Democratic policies.

Beginning in 2017, I embarked on my own journey to experience and learn about the political structure in my environment. I am grateful to have befriended many national and statewide leaders during various conservative events throughout New Jersey; Leaders, who time over time, drive their conservative opinions into battle in an attempt to pass legislation, which is beneficial to the public. The Government of New Jersey should concern itself with developing opportunities of successful lifestyles and the protection of the rights of its citizens, under law and order. During the year of 2020, I was able to participate in the Georgia Run-Off election by communicating with thousands of republican voters to support the Kelly Loeffler and the David Perdue campaign. This experience alone persuaded me to take action in my own local community at a higher level. Many Georgian citizens I was able to meet did not agree with the republican candidates proposed policies, yet they still voiced their opinions on state-wide problems and potential bi-partisan terms of solution for their beloved state. I have immense faith that the local residents in Hudson County, New Jersey can come to an agreement to support bipartisan solutions that are necessary to our states prosperity.

Upon my return to New Jersey, I voraciously attempted to reach out to GOP leaders across the State who could best serve as a political mentor to guide me in inspiring the youth to begin to take more political responsibility across the state. My luck arrived quickly after showcasing various political interviews that I have participated in, with hosts such as; Kayleigh McEnany, former White House Press Secretary as well as the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Jose Arango, the Chairman of all Chairs in the Republican Party of New Jersey, to my surprise, quickly reached back out with great emotion and a “big hug”. Under just a few months & Chairman Arango’s mentoring, I have learned about the current political climate in Hudson County. We quickly strategized and began campaigning towards the State Assembly position and the Hoboken Republican Chairmanship. Our efforts have proven successful as Joseph Branco has been elected to serve as Hoboken’s Republican Chairman and Jose Arango’s re-election to serve as Hudson County Chairman.

Soon thereafter, I had the pleasure to network with all other GOP Chairmen and Chairwomen across our state, who unanimously respect Chairman Arango, and his aptitude within political associations. As I began to write this op-ed, I reflected upon my favorite President of the United States, President John F. Kennedy, who made it clear that we must, “Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.” I regard Jose Arango in high fashion of his essence, which breaks through partisan issues, in regard to ensuring the best for the local community. I aspire to grow under his leadership furthermore, and gain function as a Republican Assemblyman, to reach across the aisle in the State Legislature to agree upon laws that apply, and wholly support citizens by large in pursuit of solutions that serve the public.

I support Jose Arango, with a deep appreciation and gratuity of his expertise, and his mentorship during this campaign. I look forward to earning the vote of our citizens and gaining the privilege to serve the Garden State. New Jersey is a wide consortium of political views, culture and systems of belief. In order to move forward to make strides towards liberty and prosperity as read on our state crest, we must incline together as one to aid our communities, unlocking further potential for all.

Marcos Marte

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