Statement from NJ FMBA President Ed Donnelly on signing of Firefighter Cancer Registry Act

Senator Bob Menendez has been an unwavering champion in Washington for firefighters and first responders.  He has worked tirelessly to secure critical resources to ensure firehouses across the country are fully staffed and the men and women have the equipment they need to protect themselves and save lives.  With cancer now the leading cause of death for firefighters, we brought our concerns to Senator Menendez, and he promised to stand with us and our families.  For two years, the Senator fought to pass landmark federal legislation for the CDC to study the links between cancer and the toxins firefighters are exposed to every time they answer the call.  The hope is that information will lead to developing better protective gear to keep firefighters safe.  This week, Senator Menendez’s Firefighter Cancer Registry Act was signed into law. The FMBA was proud to stand with Senator Menendez in Englewood to celebrate its passage.  It’s a promise made, and a promise kept.  Thank you, Senator Menendez, for your continued leadership and support for firefighters.  We look forward to working with Senator Menendez in the future as we continue to pursue our shared commitments to serving our communities and improving the lives and safety of our country’s firefighters.

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