Statement from Senator Codey on Redistricting Bill SCR-152


Statement from Senator Codey on Redistricting Bill SCR-152


LIVINGSTON – Today, Senator Richard J. Codey (D-27) released the following statement on the pending redistricting bill. 


“I cannot in good conscious support SCR-152.  This bill would make our commission less independent.  Efforts to change our redistricting process began a few years ago, and I feel this plan moves us backward, not forward from that proposal. 


“I believe there are some parts of the plan that should be looked in to further, but the bill as it stands is not in the best interest of New Jersey voters or the democratic process.”


“It seems clear that both Democrats and Republicans around the state are unified in their opposition to this legislation, and we as legislators should be listening  to the people we represent.”


Following the 2000 census, Senator Codey chaired the Apportionment Commission which produced a map that was a landmark example of unpacking districts to create a more level playing field for women and minority representation.

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