Over the last two years, the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) has conducted a multi-million-dollar lobbying and media campaign promoting the “NJEA’s solution” to the exceptionally high cost of school employee health benefits for both teachers and taxpayers.


Before this legislation (A-5814/S-4114) is brought to Governor Murphy, for what we know will be a rubber stamp, the Sunlight Policy Center of New Jersey (SPCNJ) is urging New Jersey citizens and elected representatives to look deeper.


Today SPCNJ releases a report that examines the legislation and showcases ProPublica’s December 2019 report on a $500 million scandal regarding the state’s School Employees’ Health Benefits Program (SEHBP), which passed largely unremarked by citizens and elected representatives.


New Jersey citizens and legislators should know this massive waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars could not have occurred without the NJEA-controlled SEHBP, which was created by healthcare legislation pushed by Governor Corzine and the NJEA in 2007. 


With Governor Murphy now pushing new NJEA-backed legislation, the SPCNJ report, entitled “Unnoticed $500,000,000 Scandal Is A Warning For New Jersey -ProPublica Exposes Massive Abuses In NJEA-Controlled School Health Program While Governor Murphy and NJEA Push The ‘NJEA’s Solution’ In The Legislature,” shines a light on the exceptionally costly benefits under the SEHBP and the NJEA’s power to block proven reforms.


The $500 million scandal is a warning to New Jersey about enacting another piece of insider healthcare legislation borne of collaboration between the NJEA and a friendly governor.


It’s time you know the facts. Step into the light.


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