Sweeney’s ‘Zero Emission’ Energy Bill Signed Into Law

Sweeney’s ‘Zero Emission’ Energy Bill Signed Into Law


Will Protect Clean Energy, Support Jobs & Economic Growth


Trenton – Senate President Steve Sweeney issued the following statement today after his legislation (S-2313) to support and sustain the environmental and economic benefits of nuclear energy was signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy:


“The nuclear industry is struggling and this poses a real threat to consumer prices, the environment and the state’s economy. There is a cost to this plan, but the cost of ignoring the threat and allowing our nuclear plants to close is far worse. If these plants close, jobs will be lost, consumers will pay more in utility bills and the increased use of carbon-based energy will be harmful to the environment.


“Nuclear energy powers more than our homes – it also drives hundreds of millions of dollars in business every year for New Jersey’s economy. There are nearly 6,000 jobs at stake and the economic consequences of those lost jobs would be felt throughout the state. And the economic damage would spread to the ratepayers who would be hit with an estimated increase in rates of $400 million per year.


“Nuclear power is a clean resource that provides reliability and diversity to the state’s supply of energy. The state’s residents and businesses rely on nuclear power for approximately 40 percent of their electricity needs. If nuclear plants close, natural gas plants would likely compensate, adding more carbon to the atmosphere, causing harm to the environment and to public health.


“The bottom line is: If nuclear plants are shut down while they’re still able to generate safe, clean and around-the-clock electricity, it will mean more air pollution, fewer jobs and higher bills. That’s moving us in the wrong direction.”

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