TESTA: New Andrzejczak TV Ad Uses Retracted Quote to Attack Testa


First Legislative District, October 9, 2019 – Senator Bob Andrzejczak’s increasingly desperate campaign has gone on the air with a new attack ad that uses publicly retracted comments from respected radio talk show host Harry Hurley in an attempt to smear Mike Testa, Jr.  The Testa campaign and Hurley himself both asked for the ad to be taken down.

In addition to using the previously retracted quote from Hurley, the ad attacks Testa – and his father – for their work as defense attorneys.

“As a criminal defense attorney, our firm plays a critical role in the criminal justice system, ensuring that everyone – no matter who they are – is treated fairly and equally, and receives a strong legal defense as provided for in our U.S. Constitution.  The core foundational principle of our U.S. Constitution is that people accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty,” said Testa, Jr.  “As a veteran, Bob fought to defend that Constitution and as an elected official he swore to uphold it.  So, to see him now stoop to this level tells you how desperate his campaign and the Camden Democrat cartel that funds him is becoming.”

Added Testa: “Bob Andrzejczak can’t defend voting with Phil Murphy’s radical liberal agenda 95% of the time, voting for a budget that slashed millions to our local schools, or voting to spend millions on college tuition aid for illegal immigrants, so he’s resorting to this trash.  No wonder he won’t debate me on the issues; because when it comes to the issues, he loses on every single one.”

Hurley authorized the Testa campaign to release the following statement on his behalf.  He also encouraged any members of the media seeking to confirm this statement to contact him directly.

“I rarely comment in this manner. However, comments that were critical of Mike Testa, Jr. attributed to me in a negative television ad being aired by Senator Andrzejczak and his running mates are false and misleading.  I am asking Senator Andrzejczak and his campaign to do the right thing, take down the ad, as it relates to my comments. These comments don’t accurately reflect my views about Testa,” said Hurley.  “It’s disappointing that they decided to include it.  It forced me to make this statement.  The fact of the matter is that 17 months ago, I said things about Mike that were inaccurate. Immediately upon discovering this, I apologized to him in person, retracted them in print, and unambiguously did so again on my radio program (then) and again this morning.  Mike Testa is a good man. I wish the Democrats campaign would focus on the issues. This is the second time that they have injected me in their campaign.”

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