Tom Kean Jr. Fundraises With MAGA Mike Johnson


Tom Kean Jr. Fundraises With MAGA Mike Johnson
As House Republican chaos barrels the country toward a government shutdown, Tom Kean Jr. is busy fundraising with and pledging his allegiance to the party’s head extremist: far-right Speaker Mike Johnson.

MAGA Mike Johnson’s record includes:

Last year, Kean Jr. voted for Mike Johnson for speaker of the House. Since then, Johnson and the chaos caucus have been hellbent on enacting Donald Trump’s extreme agenda, while out-right rejecting bipartisan bills.

DCCC Spokesperson Aidan Johnson:
“As long as the checks keep coming, Tom Kean Jr. is happy to embrace Mike Johnson’s dangerous agenda which includes a total national abortion ban and cuts to critical retirement programs. New Jerseyans deserve a representative who will fight for them, not bend-the-knee to MAGA extremists and Donald Trump.”







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