Vainieri Huttle offers clear record of advocacy and results to win debate

Huttle and company.

Vainieri Huttle offers clear record of advocacy and results to win debate, Johnson continues to dodge the truth on his sexual misconduct scandal while defending the status quo on politics as usual and police misconduct.

After calling on her opponent to participate in three debates prior to the June 8th primary, Valerie Vainieri Huttle issued the following statement following the first debate of the campaign, hosted by New Jersey Globe:

“Elections should be just like any other job interview, the most effective candidate, the candidate with the best record, should win. Last night, I was proud to present my record and platform to the voters. A record is about more than how you vote, it’s about who you fight for. You can’t just be a vote, you have to be a voice.”

“Last night, I proved to the voters of District 37 that I fight for them. While Gordon Johnson was unprepared and unwilling to make his views known, I was proud to share my platform and values clear to the voters.”

“And now, after six weeks and an hour-long debate, the question still remains, why can’t Gordon Johnson come clean about the allegations against him of sexual misconduct? I’ve spent my career as an advocate for survivors of sexual assault and harassment, Gordon abused his power to try and trade sex for a City Council seat.”

“Gordon and I differed on a number of core issues- I’m for stronger police accountability- as an ex-policemen, Johnson is against it. I’m for making the legislature more open and transparent- he is opposed and I was clear that we need to reform our politics while Gordon embraced the worst of the status quo, saying ‘the system is what it is.'”

“And to top it all off, Gordon Johnson seems to think that the problem of misogyny and unfair representation of women in politics is solved. I can promise you, it’s not.”

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