Vauss overwhelming Win’s Mayor’s Race by Huge Margin!

Vauss overwhelming Win‘s Mayor’s Race by Huge Margin!
The voters of Irvington have spoken in one resounding voice by re-electing Tony Vauss as their mayor for another term.
Irvington residents can continue to call Tony Vauss their mayor, since on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 Vauss beat Inman by a monstrous 81-19% margin; the incumbent mayor got 3,457 votes to his challenger’s 822.
Councilwomen Renee Burgess, October Hudley, and Charnette Frederic all won by equally dominant margins. They each got around 25% of the vote, while Inman running mates Yasmina King, Allison Morris, and Darrell Watford got 9%, 8%, and 8%, respectively.
“I’m humbled and grateful that Irvington residents have put their trust in me to serve as their mayor for another term,” said Vauss. “I’m looking forward to finishing the work that we’ve started. “It’s been an incredible journey and I’m extremely honored to be able serve for another term.”Vauss also said of longtime rival and former Councilman Paul Inman. “He got fewer votes than his running mates”.
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