VOTNJ – NJ Youth Rally Behind Kadja Manuel for Trenton City Council At-Large

September 21, 2022


Voters of Tomorrow New Jersey: NJ Youth Rally behind Kadja Manuel for Trenton City Council At-Large.

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY – Voters of Tomorrow NJ (VOTNJ) is excited to begin announcing our endorsements for the 2022 midterm elections. Over the last week, our membership overwhelmingly voted to endorse Kadja Manuel for Trenton City Council At-Large!

In local and state elections, young voters are routinely left out of the organizing process and kept off the campaign trail. We are proud to back Kadja’s platform and spotlight policies that advance youth rights in Trenton:

Promoting locally generated clean energy;
Access to safe, clean drinking water;
Improving poor and dilapidated city infrastructure;
Tackling gun violence, including the flow of illegal guns;
Increasing responsiveness & interaction between local government and its constituents.

This November 8th, New Jersey’s capital city residents will choose who leads their council forward for the next four years. Sofia Bari, Communications Director for VOTNJ, remarks, “His candidacy leads the path forward for greater LGBTQ+ representation in our elected offices, finally allowing younger generations to see themselves in positions of power.” Representing youth activists from around the state, we believe Kadja’s candidacy will expand and build upon the hard work of educating, engaging, and representing more Gen Z and Millennials in government.

After decades of Trentonians organizing from within, Kadja’s platform represents a turning point in Trenton’s movement. Executive Director of VOTNJ, Victor Miguel Rivera, notes, “Growing up in New Jersey’s capital county, there has always been a lack of youth representation – not just in terms of age but also in policies that reflect Gen Z’s values. Zip codes shouldn’t determine access to clean air, safe drinking water, and equitable economic opportunities.” Historically, Trenton is known as the birthplace of revolutions, come this November, let’s make history for Gen Z and Millennial representation.

Voters of Tomorrow New Jersey is dedicated to empowering young community leaders like Kadja. We are thrilled to announce him as our first endorsed candidate. On accepting the endorsement, Kadja states, “I’m so grateful to receive the endorsement of Voters of Tomorrow – New Jersey. For urban, inner cities like Trenton to thrive, we must uplift our next generation of leaders, giving them the support and tools they need to succeed today and carry the baton for tomorrow.”

About Voters of Tomorrow New Jersey
VOTNJ is a nonpartisan organization seeking to empower Gen Z activists from around the state in an effort to advance pro-democracy ideals and candidates. Through community organizing, youth development campaigns, and engaging youth in local government, we’re doing the necessary work to build a more substantial, fairer New Jersey for the next generation of voters and constituents. You can learn more about Voters of Tomorrow and our beliefs, and join our next meeting on 9/27 at 8:30 PM (every other Tuesday) by visiting bit.ly/VOTNJ.

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