Webber Campaign Highlights Sherrill’s Hypocrisy & Calls on Her to Denounce Keith Ellison

Webber Campaign Highlights Sherrill’s Hypocrisy & Calls on Her to Denounce Keith Ellison
Whippany, NJ – Congressman Keith Ellison is in New Jersey today to raise money and campaign with North Jersey Democrats.

In August, Ellison’s longtime girlfriend accused him of physical and mental abuse, so severe she feels she is suffering from PTSD as a result.

Campaign spokesperson Ronica Cleary issued the following statement: “At the NJTV debate, Montclair Mikie eagerly declared she would not have voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, saying a longer FBI investigation was needed to investigate the allegations against him. But what about Keith Ellison?  Is no investigation required when an investigation is politically inconvenient for Mikie? Today, Ellison is fundraising in the district while there is a credible allegation of physical and mental abuse pending against him. Mikie seems to have no problem with that, as she sits by silently during his fundraising spree. Mikie is all too comfortable believing victims when it is politically advantageous for her to do so, and silently ignoring them when it is to her political benefit. Today is just another day when Mikie’s hypocrisy is on full display.”

Cleary continued, “After spending so much time attacking Jay Webber for being anti-woman with lies and distortions, Montclair Mikie has no trouble ignoring a credible allegation against a member of her own party. It is time she stop deflecting with false attacks and start focusing on real threats that deserve further investigation, no matter the political party of the accused.”

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