“Will Cunningham Shares Thoughts on Explosive Politico Reporting that Amy Kennedy Sought George Norcross’ Endorsement”​

“Will Cunningham Shares Thoughts on Explosive Politico Reporting that Amy Kennedy Sought George Norcross’ Endorsement”​


On Wednesday, May 13th, Politico published a piece by Matt Friedman containing explosive facts regarding Amy Kennedy’s campaign.

“Throughout Amy Kennedy’s candidacy, she has falsely portrayed herself as a progressive running against the machine.  I was stunned to learn that in actuality she sought the advice and counsel of George Norcross himself,” said Cunningham.

The Politico piece quotes a Norcross spokesperson, Dan Fee, who himself called Kennedy’s attacks on Norcross surprising “since George indicated he would support whoever the nominee was when the Kennedys asked him for his advice and counsel prior to her campaign announcement.”

“Not only is Amy’s façade a complete a farce, but her policy positions are nowhere near what I deem to be progressive.  It remains a mystery as to why progressive groups and leaders like Sue Altman have abandoned their political morals and philosophies to endorse someone who was more interested in rubbing elbows with George Norcross than actual progressives,” Cunningham continued.

“I am the only viable candidate with any congressional history of success.  I have fought the Trump Administration on the House Oversight Committee as an Investigator and won.  I have fought corporations and have held CEOs publicly accountable on Capitol Hill causing their firing.  It is time to rally around the young, black, most qualified candidate in this race.  I have never met with or spoken to George Norcross—we now know, that is something neither of my two opponents can say,” Cunningham said.

“But more so, I am the only candidate that intimately knows the hardship of South Jersey.  Those closest to the pain must be closest to the power of creating impactful legislation.  We need more working-class representation in Congress. While an organization who represents working families missed the memo in this race, I hope those who comprise the average working families in NJ-02 do not follow this organization’s lead because South Jersey needs a representative who is one of them,” Cunningham continues.


“I overcame homelessness to become an Ivy-Leaguer from a working-class family—families like mine will always be my priority,” Cunningham adds.



Will Cunningham is a South Jersey native running to be the Democratic nominee in the July 7, 2020 primary to challenge party-switcher Jeff Van Drew in November. Cunningham’s investigations on the House Oversight Committee resulted in the firing of the CEO of e-cigarette company JUUL for marketing to children, student loan relief from predatory for-profit colleges Betsy DeVos protects, and held pharmaceutical companies accountable.


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