Prieto Seizes Full Control of Check-Writing Powers at DACC


Not submitting without a fight, Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32) today took control of the finances of the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee (DACC), an organization that Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-6) had run during Prieto’s tenure.

Greenwald this week formally announced his support for Assemblyman Craig Coughlin (D-19) over Prieto.

The sitting speaker subsequently moved to alert staff that any and all checks henceforth issued by DACC will not go out without his signature. The move puts those battleground district occupants who backed Coughlin in a tough spot, because they will rely – in part – on DACC funds to win general election contests later this year.

Those assembly people include assemblyman Vince Mazzeo;

Assemblywoman Joann Downey;

Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling;


Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker.

The PAC has $125,000 cash on hand at present, according to the state Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC). One source affiliated with Coughlin dismissed the move as symbolic. “DACC is a vehicle,” the source said. “They can use any vehicle.”

Prieto’s move this afternoon occurred in concert with his decision to oust Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (D-37) – a Coughlin backer – from his chairmanship against the backdrop of powerful players in his party examining the best startegic toeholds in the developing backroom war.

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2 responses to “Prieto Seizes Full Control of Check-Writing Powers at DACC”

  1. I would hope that Mr prieto ego does not get in the way of the Re-election of Assemblywoman Downey And Assemblyman Houghtaling.

    • I agree. He never lifted a finger for them. They will get resources other ways, as the article implies. Prieto barely gave them a dime, then tried to take credit.

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