Pringle Exits the CD7 Contest

Environmentalist Dave Pringle of Cranford is out of the CD7 Democratic Primary for Congress.

That leaves frontrunner Tom Malinowski of Rocky Hill, social worker Peter Jacob of Springfield and attorney Goutam Jois of Summit scrapping in the primary to take on U.S. Rep. Loenard Lance (R-7).

Or at least competing ahead of Wednesday’s final convention, which is for the line in Somerset.

Malinowski has won everything else.

Pringle’s full statement:

“I entered the Congressional race sparked by a discussion with family and friends, who were mourning my brother-in-law’s passing and asking why so few good people run for office or lose their way once they do.

“It’s one thing to know the answer to that question. It’s another to live it firsthand.

“While some things may have been different had I entered the race earlier, it is clear our political system is broken. At a time when the nation is clamoring for new voices, for women, for environmentalists, for people of color, they are the first people the system casts aside. I’ve always been a practical idealist but for now, decades of experience and good intentions don’t measure up against stacks of hundred dollar bills.

“We see easily at the very top — how the NRA controls votes and how money has become more important to the political process than even our children. Money controls virtually all decisions, even at the local level.

“Candidates are viewed almost exclusively through a fundraising prism. Whoever raises the most money is seen as the best candidate. Fundraising consumes up to 7 hours of a candidate’s day. We need public financing for campaigns and competitive races.

“Organizational politics confines candidate selection decisions to too few people in an opaque process. Our big D Democratic Party needs to be more small d democratic.

“The system includes too many people who value political expediency over sound public policy and loyalty to a cause or colleague.

“The system while broken, still has its good points and good people. Many Democrats are dedicated to the party’s ideals. The horror of Donald Trump and Leonard Lance’s policies has prompted thousands of people who were never politically active to engage. My fellow candidates have been mostly thoughtful, committed and dedicated to improving our nation. Each would be a significant improvement over the current representative. I’d especially like to thank Linda Weber for her campaign.

“I’ve been inspired by the young people, moms and students who are standing up against gun violence and demanding meaningful gun control. I have been honored to meet student leaders from Parkland, Florida and to stand with my children KC, Ryan, and Megan, their friends, my wife Laurie and Moms Demand Action in this ongoing effort.

“Our children get it and are way ahead of Washington and Trenton.They know that without change, they face a future where they could die in their classroom or burn up from climate change. They’re no longer waiting on the adults, the children are now leading.

“I am suspending my campaign for the Seventh Congressional District seat but will continue to push issues important to our country’s future.

“There is great sweeping change going on across the nation. I will continue to be a part of it and will work with candidates who share my views on the need to: bring the country together, represent their districts, protect our communities and schools from the scourge of guns; safeguard our air and water; ensure fair wages; make healthcare a right; and guarantee equal treatment and equal pay for all.

“As I marched with my daughter Saturday, I thought how blessed we are as Americans and the enormity of the challenges we face, and I said to her we live in a great country but we have a lot of work to do. I am more committed than ever to doing that work.”


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