Progressive Groups Plan Major Millionaire’s Tax Push on Monday

The New Jersey Statehouse. Senator Doherty's bill unfairly impacts skilled tradesmen, the writer argues.

A cadre of progressive activists are expected to descend onto State Street on Monday for a major new media and organizing push supporting the Millionaire’s Tax.

Organizations including the Working Families Alliance, NJ Citizen Action, Sierra Club, Main Street Alliance, Amalgamated Transit Union, and Camden Parents Union will reportedly be in attendance demanding that the legislature pass the tax championed by Governor Phil Murphy, and presenting a letter signed by over 100 grassroots organizations supporting their cause.

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  • none

    These are professional protestors. Who do they really represent? They are loud, always show up,and get attention , but they have little backing.

  • Robert Knapp

    We all need to contact our state assemblymembers and senators in support of Governor Murphy’s Millionaire Tax. At last we have a governor who cares about the working class of this state and not just the extremely wealthy.
    God Bless Phil Murphy!
    Bob Knapp, Jersey City

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