Provenzano Eviscerates Pino

Somerset Sheriff Frank Provenzano says allegations that he has withdrawn his support for North Plainfield Police Chief Bill Parenti's run for Somerset County Sheriff are false.
 To whom it may concern,
As sheriff of the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office for the last 18 years, I would like to clarify certain statements presented by retired Captain Tim Pino in his recent article on your website endorsing Darren Russo for Sheriff.
For the past year or more, Mr. Pino has wrongfully identified himself as retired Chief from my agency.

Somerset County Sheriff’s candidate Tim Pino plans to file an election complaint with the Attorney General’s office following evidence of voting irregularities in the June 4 primary election, particularly at a voting location in Bridgewater.
Somerset County Sheriff’s candidate Tim Pino.

Mr. Pino’s reference to being “the retired Chief” of the County Sheriff’s Office is completely false and misleading to the public.

The truth of the matter is Mr. Pino never served in the capacity of Chief for even one day and retired with the rank of Captain. Mr. Pino was given a stipend for the position of Acting Chief based on a grievance filed by him and was required to retire immediately upon agreement.
His continued use of the word  “Chief” is an insult  not only to the fine men and women of the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office, but to all the current and past Chiefs of Somerset County, the entire State of New Jersey, and to the public.
As I have said in the past and will say again, I fully endorse Bill Parenti 100% and he is the only candidate qualifies,  ready, willing, and able to take over the job on day one as the new Sheriff of Somerset County.
Frank Provenzano is the retiring sheriff of Somerset County.
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One response to “Provenzano Eviscerates Pino”

  1. so the only problem is Pino didn’t use the word “acting”? That’s the evisceration? Heh.

    Funny how Provenzano didn’t address anything else in Pino’s endorsement, just an issue over a title.

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