Somerset County Sheriff Frank Provenzano Reaffirms Support for Candidate Bill Barenti

Somerset Sheriff Frank Provenzano says allegations that he has withdrawn his support for North Plainfield Police Chief Bill Parenti's run for Somerset County Sheriff are false.

In the midst of a GOP Primary to succeed him, Somerset County Sheriff Frank Provenzano leaped into the scrum on Tuesday with a message on his personal Facebook page.

North Plainfield Police Chief Bill Parenti is fighting with former K-9 Officer Tim Pino for the nomination.

It’s tough, it’s brutal.

Provenzano backs establishment choice Parenti.


There’s a history there, and not a good one.

Provenzano made that clear in his message.

“If you received a message that I am pulling my endorsement for Chief Bill Parenti for Somerset County Sheriff, It is totally false.  I support Bill 100%,’ the sheriff wrote. “He is the only qualified candidate to be Sheriff. You can tell the type of person Timmy Pino is by just putting out this false message. Pino’s only qualification is to be a K-9 handler. He has also LIED that he was a chief in the Sheriff’s Office. He was never a Chief. [Check his Sheriff I.D. card and badge the next time you see him.] It is sad that desperation brings him to a point of continually lying during his whole campaign. This shows his true character and since he is lying about me, I cannot remain silent. Please join me in voting for Bill Parenti for Somerset County Sheriff today. “
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