Quinones Perez: What About Women?

The law firm of DeCotiis, FitzPatrick, Cole and Giblin today announced the elevation of Hunterdon County's Arlene Quinones Perez to the position of equity shareholder.

Hunterdon County Democratic Committee Chair Arlene Quinones Perez this afternoon released the following statement regarding the party chair fight:

“Our Democratic State Party has been very successful in winning across New Jersey at all levels.  Not only did we win at the local level, but now we hold 11 out of 12 congressional districts, allowing us to increase our collective voice in Washington.  There is no doubt that New Jersey is headed in the right direction.  

“However, we must be united! Current leadership within the Democratic Party must work together to ensure that New Jersey continues to move forward with a democratic agenda.  We have been presented with a debate about leadership and are being led with a false sense of urgency, with a few shaping the debate.  Chairman Currie deserves the respect, professionalism, and support that we would all expect after serving three successful terms as Chair of our Party.  

“In my opinion, in order to continue our progress, the Party must have an open discussion about the continued role of women.  Women are problem solvers, compromisers, and decision makers – women look for solutions when others only choose to see the obstacles. The Democratic Party will be served well by continuing to ensure that all women are given an opportunity to lead, not just in name – but in reality.  As a County Chair, I challenge all men who are a part this debate to include women in the discussion.  Working together we can achieve success for the Democratic Party in New Jersey.”

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