Rendo on BCRO Chairmanship: ‘I’m Willing, if No One Steps Up’; And the Names in the BCRO Leadership Game


As Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO) Chairman Paul DiGaetano limps to the finish line of his embattled chairmanship, three names have emerged as possible successors – in addition to a fourth willing to step in if the party stays fractured.

Former Hacksensack Mayor Jack Zisa wants the BCRO job.

His rivals argue that he’s simply a continuation of DiGaetano.

New Milford Councilwoman Kelly Langschultz – who last year ran against state Senator Bob Gordon (D-38) and lost – wants the job.

The woman card is critical right now, her allies argue.

District 38 Party Chair Jim Arkelian also wants the chairmanship.

Those three appear right now to be haggling it out in the diner booths of Bergen as the DiGaetano era dismally nosedives.

Then there’s Woodcliff Lake Mayor Carlos Rendo, who’s undertaken a behind the scenes leadership role in trying to find alternatives to helping the party organization move forward.

“I would rather help. But if no one steps up, I’ll be willing to throw my hat in the ring. A few elected officials in Bergen have asked me to do it. Let’s see how it plays out, Rendo told InsiderNJ.

Rendo won fans last year when he ran on a statewide Republican ticket with Kim Guadagno.

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