Rendo Won’t Run for Bergen County Executive this Year


The Bergen GOP this afternoon continued to scout people to run for county executive against incumbent Democrat Jim Tedesco, but it appears they will have to summon someone other than Woodcliff Lake Mayor Carlos Rendo, last year’s choice for lieutenant governor.

“I know my name is being mentioned and many Republicans here in Bergen want me to run, but… quite frankly, I am not a masochist!  LOL,” Rendo wrote to InsiderNJ in response to his interest in the job.

The mayor impressed in his lone debate with Lieutenant Governor-elect Sheila Oliver and created some buzz about a future candidacy. But at last year, he won’t attempt to shoulder the badly mauled Bergen Republican Party.


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  1. Mayor Rendo may be very wise to sit this round out. Governor-elect Murphy has yet to prove himself and if he continues to try to make New Jersey the “California of the east coast” he will be surprised that although that plays well in the Democrat Primary California is not what most New Jerseyians want to be. For the most part, New Jersey is cyclical in its governor races. One party serves eight years, the public gets tired of them and elects the other party. Except for Corzine and the fiasco that followed McGreevey where you had DiFrancisco and Codey play musical chairs, the cycle rule is pretty standard. Had Murphy and his Deep Pockets not cleared the table in the Democrat Primary it would have been very likely that whoever got the nod in the Dem Primary would have been elected governor. Murphy talks about legalized Pot. State Senator Ronald Rice has reservations about that. Murphy talks about a State Bank. Some Democrat legislators have reservations about that because they were very reluctant to comment. State Senator Sweeny is a very well-grounded moderate and there have been no songs of praise for that idea. The fact is if Phil Murphy plays his cards wrong then he may just be the best thing to happen to the Republican Party in years. Let’s face facts folks – in New Jersey gubernatorial it is not about how much the independents like one candidate, it is about how much they hate the other.

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