Rep. Andy Kim Addresses the Biggest Issues Facing our Nation, on State of Affairs

U.S. Rep. Andy Kim (D) – NJ joins Steve Adubato to address the need for monitoring bank regulations, U.S.-China relations, and the need for bipartisan policy.

Steve Adubato asks Congressman Kim about the biggest lesson learned to date regarding the Silicon Valley Bank collapse and other banks that have collapsed since, and what role the United States Congress plays with respect to regulation.

Kim responds, “I think the biggest lesson that we’re all learning is that we have to give greater attention to what these banks are doing, and make sure that they’re being good stewards of the money of the American people. That’s something that we recognize, that you can’t ever assume that these banks are just going to be okay. We do need to make sure that they, we, understand the repercussions that are out there. We saw a system with the Silicon Valley Bank that could have very well decimated a lot of our startup innovation here in this country. That’s something that we have to make sure that we take action to be able to stop, but we’re not out of it yet and I’m still worried about where things are.”

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