Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman Addresses the Future of our Democracy

U.S. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) – NJ, 12th congressional district, joins Steve Adubato to forecast the 2024 Presidential Election, discuss the future of our democracy, and First Lady Tammy Murphy’s run for the US Senate.

As part of our special series “Democracy in Danger”, Steve asks the Congresswoman about the upcoming 2024 election and whether we should be afraid. Watson Coleman responds, “Our democracy is hanging in the balance here, depending upon what we do in the upcoming election.”  Watson Coleman continues to say, “I think that people don’t realize that when we talk about our democracy is threatened, what does that mean when it comes to your kitchen table? So you talk about Donald Trump and Trumpism and even what’s happening in my house, in Congress, from the Republican side and they’re talking about taking away safety net things.”

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2 responses to “Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman Addresses the Future of our Democracy”

  1. Bonnie Watson Coleman is the walking, talking existential threat to our “democracy”. When Democrats say our “democracy” is threatened by someone or some group that’s not of the Democrat-Socialist-Communist persuasion, you know that this is projection by the real threat to “democracy”–Watson Coleman and her Democrat-Communist ilk.

    Yes, “democracy” is hanging in the balance. If we allow Democrat-Communists to take over the country for 4 more years, this country will no longer exist as we grew up in it. The Democrat-Communists in Trenton, D.C., NYC, CA, MA, IL, MI and everywhere else are the true existential threats putting “democracy in danger”. They have no concept of American history or world history, and are looking to turn this country into another Venezuela or South Africa, that have turned into 3rd world poverty-stricken banana republics.

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