Report: Christie and Public-Sector Unions Again Consider Reforms

Governor Chris Christie said Monday that Treasurer Ford Scudder has met with all but one of the state’s public-sector unions to discuss more reforms, according to this story by Gannett’s Dustin Racioppi.

“But the one union that has not been part of any discussions is one of the state’s largest and most influential: the New Jersey Education Association, whose longtime feud with Christie had briefly appeared at a truce two years ago when Christie announced the agreement to pursue more changes. But the union, saying Christie misrepresented his reform plan, backed away from its alliance with Christie and then focused on suing him.”

Hetty Rosenstein, CWA NJ State Director, subsequently debunked Christie’s “false claims.”

“The Christie administration shared some information with us about the lottery. So far that’s all that happened. There was nothing discussed at all about further pension cuts or healthcare reform when it comes to the lottery. And no, there won’t be a discussion when it comes to that.”

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