Report: Former Cop Taken Into Custody In George Floyd’s Death


Charged with third degree murder and manslaughter, fired Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been arrested days after George Floyd’s fatal arrest that sparked protests, rioting and outcry across the city and nation, according to CBS Minnesota.

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In his daily COVID-19 press briefing this afternoon, Governor Phil Murphy made a statement on the turmoil.

“It may seem a half a country away but we are all in this together,” Murphy said. “What we are seeing in Minneapolis is painful, almost too painful to watch. George Floyd should be alive today… as a matter of human dignity, as a matter of our nation living up to one of our ideals: that all are created equal.

“As we are coming together in this pandemic, let us endeavor to come together as Americans and as New Jerseyans,” the governor added.

Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver added:

“I want to thank you for those remarks,” she told Murphy. “Everyone in New Jersey has heartfelt condolence for the family of George Floyd. We shudder to think it would be our state.”

From the report:

Chauvin is the former officer in the video seen around the world with his knee on Floyd’s neck. He’d been with Minneapolis police for 19 years.

On Monday at 8 p.m., Minneapolis police said officers were called to the intersection of Chicago Avenue and East 38th Street on a report of someone trying to use a forged document at Cup Foods.

Police initially said Floyd was resisting arrest and had a medical incident. However, video obtained by CBS News shows Floyd cooperating with officers, at least in the initial moments of the encounter.

A bystander’s video showed Floyd pleading that he could not breathe as a white officer — identified as Chauvin — knelt on his neck and kept his knee there for several minutes after Floyd stopped moving and became unresponsive.

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