Report: Latest Paterson Fundraising Numbers

The Paterson Times put together a report of the latest ELEC filings in the much-watched Paterson Mayor’s Race.

See that story here.

  • Sayegh raised $246,016. He has $60,000 on hand.
  • Rodriguez raised $221,000. He has $27,621 remaining in his account
  • McKoy raised $95,400. He has $24,250 on hand, according to his 11-day pre-election report.
  • Cruz’s 11-day pre-election has yet to be received by the state. He had raised $113,263 and had $15,195 remaining in his account, according to his 29-day pre-election report.
  • Jackson did not file an 11-day report. He raised about $20,000 for his campaign and has $1,000 in his campaign account, he said on Friday.
  • Mendez. State has yet to receive his 11-day and 29-day reports.
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