Report: Paterson Councilman Utters Anti-Semitic Remark

Speaking out against a developer’s plan to revitalize Hinchliffe Stadium, Ward 1 Paterson Councilman Michael  Jackson said  “Jew us down” in reference to what he indicates are poor past city deals, according to a TapInto report.

According to the report, Jackson described the phrase, delivered in the midst of an argument “perhaps indicative of [his] upbringing.”

After the meltdown of Councilman Anthony Davis in a bribery scheme, Jackson – a former football player and restauranteur – first won the Ward 1 seat in 2015 in a special election. He’s willed his way through stories detailing financial and business troubles.

This from The Paterson Times: “Ellis Equities LLC filed a lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court late last month alleging Jackson pledged his restaurant business as collateral and guaranteed the loan. The lawsuit is against Jackson, his restaurant Jacksonville Cafe LLC, and Grand Street Holding Group LLC, controlled by Lisa Vasquez of Fair Lawn, which purchased 325 Grand Street in Dec. 2016, according to public records.”

Mayor Andre Sayegh, who defeated Jackson last year to win the mayoralty, tonight called the councilman’s comment “highly insensitive and completely reprehensible,” according to the report.

“Repugnant,” the mayor added.

At the Eastside Neighborhood Association debate forum last year, Jackson seized on each debate question as an opportunity to riff on how his city suffers at the hands of greedy, incompetent or self-interested interlopers.

A 2018 Jackson for Mayor sign in downtown Paterson.


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  1. If he was Republican, the paid protesters would have already been breaking down the doors and screaming for his execution.

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