Republican Barranco Ready to Roll in LD26


Republican Christian Barranco knows he wants to run for the state Assembly.

But where and against whom?

Barranco doesn’t seem to care.

A 50-year old electrician from Jefferson Township, Barranco says he’s running, because, “We need to entice and build private sector investment in New Jersey.”

He says, “People my age are dying to get out of here,” but Barranco doesn’t want to leave.

His views are not at all remarkable for a Republican.

But here’s the problem.

Jefferson Township is now in LD-26, but the town borders a number of other districts, including LD-25 and LD-24. Redistricting after the 2020 Census may put Jefferson in another district. After all, prior to the 2010 redistricting, Jefferson was in LD-25.

All this is complicated by the fact it’s unknown when redistricting will take place. Voters this month approved a referendum putting off redistricting until the state receives full Census information.

The incumbent GOP Assembly members in LD-26, where Barranco now lives, are BettyLou DeCroce and Jay Webber.

Barranco, who is project manager with IBEW Local 102, considered running for the Assembly two years ago, but opted against it. He also ran last year for Morris County freeholder at a special convention, but dropped out the day of the vote and backed Tayfun Selen, who ended up winning.

Looking ahead to the looming 2021 race, a confident Barranco said, “”I’m not too concerned who the opponent is going to be.”

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