Republican Gordon Endorses Democrat Phil Murphy for Governor


Powerful Republican fundraiser Gail B. Gordon, who said she has always voted Republican in gubernatorial contests both in New Jersey and her native Pennsylvania, will vote for Democrat Phil Murphy in the November General Election, she told InsiderNJ this afternoon.

Gordon is the wife of state Senator Bob Gordon (D-38), a Democrat, but she was a fan of Gov. Chris Christie’s until she bucked his presidential campaign and nstead backed former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

“I am good friends with Kim Guadagno,” Gordon told InsiderNJ.

But she sees a highly unlikely path to victory for the Republican nominee, and genuinely likes Murphy, she said.

“He’s a man of integrity and honor,” said Gordon. “He has put together a thoughtful platform and is talking about things like workforce development, infrastructure, NJ Transit and improvements at the Port Authority.”

Gordon is counsel at Florio Perruci Steinhadt and Fader, the professional home of Doug Steinhardt, tapped last week by Guadagno to serve as Republican State Party Chairman. “He’s a wonderful guy with real government experience as the former mayor of Lopatcong,” said Gordon. “He’ll be fabulous.”

But not enough.

Nout enough to spark Gordon to vote for Guadagno, she said.

The Republican acknowledged that the NJGOP has a lot of rebuilding to do, but praised outgoing Party Chairman Sam Raia as having done a “yeoman’s job.”

Gordon put together Christie’s low approval rating with the low percentage of cases when a party in power retains a third term, and her thumbs up assessment of Murphy to finally make an aye vote for the former U.S. Ambassador to Germany and former Goldman Sachs executive a no-brainer.


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3 responses to “Republican Gordon Endorses Democrat Phil Murphy for Governor”

  1. To add, since she “sees an unlikely path to a Republican victory,” one can only wonder if, through her husband; she is trying to hitch her star to a job in a Murphy regime. Real Republicans fight to the end, cowards fold.”

  2. Her NJ Party is to weak to chastise her and send a message to other deserters. The United States Army have a way of treating cowards and deserters. If only the Republicans had any guts In NJ, They would keep their base together. The lack of back bone is creating cowards who are probably looking to get something in return. To bad I’m not the NJ GOP Chair, she would regret her political treason.“I am good friends with Kim Guadagno,” Friends don’t stab friends in the back, you go down in a blaze of glory, that’s a friend. Now you know Kim, tractors in your camp.

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