Republican Leader Says Ciattarelli ‘Just Lost the Election’

Arango backs Meissner for U.S. Senate.

Hudson County GOP Chairman Jose Arango said Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli (R-16) just stuck a fork in himself.

“He just lost the election,” said Arango, referring to a mail piece released by the Ciattarelli Campaign that writes off Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno as party to a failed Republican administration.

“He shouldn’t attack Chris Christie that way,” added Arango, a Guadagno backer in this year’s Republican gubernatorial primary. “He’s just helping the Democrats.”

To be fair, Guadagno has also taken pains to distance herself from the unpopular Christie, who rides a low 20s job approval rating. But the mail piece represents a strategic mistake on the part of Ciattarelli, said Arango, who served as a member of the general Assembly when Ronald Reagan was president.

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  1. The candidate who publicly endorses and runs on supporting Article 5 “Convention of States” will get my vote and any grassroots supporter’s.

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