Republicans Celebrate Menendez’s Possible Independent Candidacy

Christine Serrano Glassner says she welcomes Bob Menendez’ reelection bid as an independent.

No kidding.

Having Menendez in the race is great news for Republicans, and Serrano Glassner, the mayor of Mendham, is one of those seeking the GOP Senate nomination.

Assuming Menendez follows through, the landscape for the Senate race this fall will be either Andy Kim or Tammy Murphy on the Democratic ticket, a Republican and then, the “independent” Menendez, who is really a Democrat.

Wisdom suggests whatever votes the embattled incumbent gets will come from Democrats, which has to help Republicans.

And Lord knows, they need the help, given the fact it’s been more than 50 years since Republicans have won a U.S. Senate seat in New Jersey. And that was Clifford Case, the type of Republican who would be labeled a “RINO” today.

Moving back to 2024, “wisdom” aside, it’s worth wondering just how stellar of a candidate Menendez is going to be?

Watch political races for a while and you discover that independents always “poll better” than they actually do. That was true years ago with Ross Perot nationally and more recently (in 2009) when Chris Daggett ran as an independent for governor. He was well received during the campaign, but was no factor at all when voters actually went to the polls. Daggett got a bit less than 6 percent.

Already, some have suggested that Menendez may draw from Latino voters. That seems a bit insulting, no?

Many different ethnic groups make up the so-called bloc of Latino voters and they all don’t think a lot. Moreover, let’s not assume Latinos are going to back an ethically-challenged politician just because he’s named Menendez.

This brings us to the senator’s social media video announcing his run as an independent.

The gist of it was that he plans to be “in the clear” a few months before Election Day.

“I am hopeful that my exoneration will take place this summer,” he says.

The trial is scheduled to begin in early May, so it’s possible it can be over by July.

Of course, the senator is banking on being found “not guilty.” Anything can happen at trial, but to any objective observer, the allegations about Menendez having oodles of cash hidden in his house, plus the infamous gold bars, seems pretty damning.

One must also ask, “Why?”

Why does Menendez want to run as an independent?  On one hand, it’s an acknowledgement that he has no chance to get the Democratic nomination.

On the other, he may truly think he’s not guilty and may not care at all if his entry into the race hurts his fellow Democrats – even in a small way.

In his video, the senator, who always likes talking about growing up in a “tenement” in Union City, highlights the federal aid he’s secured for New Jersey to fight the impacts of recession, Sandy and the pandemic.

He proclaims that he’s always been a “fighter.”

Fair point, but in this case, he seems to be fighting more for his own career than any high-minded principle.





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7 responses to “Republicans Celebrate Menendez’s Possible Independent Candidacy”

  1. Glassner probably has no chance. The democrat machine is too powerful, corrupt and well organized. The Republican party is weak and disorganized.

    Murphy, Kim, Menendez. It doesn’t matter. They are all the same. Liberals with literally no
    Virtue, Honor, integrity or concern for all their constituents.

  2. Once again Mr. Snackberger your intellectual, insightful, educated input is to the point and so very valuable.
    You are just too cool & sophisticated. I legend in your own mind.

  3. One additional point here. Mr. Snowflack’s column addressed a New Jersey issue. Nothing to do with Trump or the national elections.

    I realize it may be difficult to stay focused on the subject matter of a given column. I don’t want to poke fun at your disability.

    However, Trump has nothing to do with the column and I stand by the opinion that Menendez is corrupt.

    You should be having orgasms knowing that the democrats will win. Enjoy yourself self gratification.

  4. Here’s a wager that Chuck Schumer, having refused to do his job for months, will suddenly decide that Menendez is unfit to be a US Senator. Principle? Feh!! Only power matters.

  5. Snackberger, another very intelligent, professional, mature, sophisticated, response.
    You must have been the envy of the debate class.

    In fact, you should run for local office somewhere. I’d like to see how you would govern. Put your policies and ideas to work.

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