The Return of Lew Candura

When candidates are trying to raise money, they aren’t always all that careful to whom they send solicitation letters.

Take Republican Jay Webber.

He just sent an appeal for campaign cash to Lew Candura of Mount Olive.

For one thing, Candura doesn’t live in the 11th District.

For another, he’s the former chair of the Morris County Democrats.

Oh well, mistakes happen.

The letter, as one would suspect with this sort of stuff,  is extra heavy on the rhetoric.

It mentions Nancy Pelosi at least a half dozen times and warns that Democrat Mikie Sherrill wants to reverse the Trump tax cuts and raise taxes.

It is hazardous to take claims in solicitation letters all that seriously.

But just for the record, Sherrill has criticized federal tax reform, because she says the $10,000 cap on the deduction for state and local taxes would actually mean a tax increase for many families in the district. Sherrill also has said repeatedly during the campaign that she would not support Pelosi for Speaker if she wins and Democrats gain control of the House.

The Republican’s appeal is marked “urgent.” In fact, it’s marked “urgent” three times.

Webber’s fundraising has lagged far behind Sherrill’s. The Republican had about $171,000 in cash on hand as of June 30. Sherrill just boasted about raising $2.7 million in the last quarter. The next filing deadline is Oct. 15.

Webber has tried to use his fundraising disadvantage as a positive.

A Monmouth University poll this week showed Sherrill with a four percentage point lead. That followed an internal Webber poll that had the Democrat leading by three points.

Webber says this is good news, because the race is still close, notwithstanding his funding shortage.
Maybe Candura will write him a check. Don’t count on it.

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