When Rodney Ran (Really)

Former Senator Rodney Frelinghuysen, who has had no public involvement with Republican colleagues even before leaving office in January, has put his name at the top of a list of GOP officials endorsing Assemblyman Anthony M. Bucco’s reelection.

Insiders may recall the last the story from 11 years ago,  when the normally-electorally-safe Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen ran after a suspect who nabbed his wallet one night in Georgetown, according to this report.  Frelinghuysen, then 61, was walking near his DC residence when a group of young men approached him, grabbing his wallet from behind.  The Congressman ran after them, and two DC police officers who were driving by and apprehended the suspect.

The following year, running for re-election, Frelinghuysen cruised to victory over Democrat Tom Wyka by a margin of 25 points, winning 62%-37%.

Speaking of Wyka, the former challenger last year gave some advice via Insider NJ to the current CD11 crop of candidates: ‘dig deep’.

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