Roselle Park Mayor Joseph Signorello Launches Campaign for State Senate in LD21

Roselle Park Mayor Joseph Signorello has announced he will be seeking the Democratic nomination for State Senate in legislative district 21. The district encompasses sixteen municipalities from Union County, Morris County, and Somerset County.

“As the Mayor of my hometown, I have seen firsthand the financial waste and inefficiency from our politicians in Trenton. As my residents’ property taxes and income taxes rise each year, Senator Kean has done nothing to help middle-class families,” said Mayor Joseph Signorello. Enough is enough, I am running to stabilize taxes, fund our schools, and fix our infrastructure.”

Joe Signorello has been the Mayor of Roselle Park since 2018, when as a first-time candidate, he defeated an incumbent Democratic Mayor in the primary, and an incumbent Republican Councilmember in the general election.

“Whether it is Senator Kean or Governor Murphy, both Republicans and Democrats are to blame for our current issues. Both parties have lost touch with what the average NJ resident cares about – taxes, roads, and education. Here’s the bottom line, NJ is getting more expensive, businesses are moving out, residents are moving out, and Senator Kean is more worried about running for Congress than fighting for you in Trenton. To turn our state around, we need a change agent to push fiscal responsibility, common sense fixes, and sensible investments from within the Democratic party,” said Mayor Joseph Signorello.

Joe Signorello was born and raised in Roselle Park, NJ. He graduated from Seton Hall University with his BA in Business Administration. Signorello is currently the COO of Magis Capital Partners, a venture capital firm based in Pennsylvania.

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  • Jeff From NJ

    He’s awful.

  • Alan Alda Anti-Christ

    Attacking the de facto leader of your party from the right when announcing your run for a seat that’s rapidly turning blue? It a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays off for him.

    • Matthew Peterson

      As a resident of Roselle Park, this man is a complete idiot, and rude to everyone who tries to talk to him. Not to mention that he put a banner up on a bridge in town which has a big grammar mistake and it just embarrassing. HE should focus on fixing the massive mistakes and wasteful spending he has caused in our town before trying to fool the rest of the people in this state.

  • N. Saavs

    Well as a long time Roselle Park resident I can say that this guy doesn’t deserve to work for any government institution. The RP High School doesn’t have field lights, Only some contaminating gas generator with poor illumination. This is the time the entire town roads are destroyed; he already destroyed Roselle Park, next is the State?.
    Please keep this “idiot” from being a state senator.

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