‘For Sale’ Sign Going Up at Sherrill’s Montclair Residence as She Readies to Move into CD11


Mikie Sherrill told reporters this afternoon that her house is officially going on the market this week, as she prepares to move into the 11th Congressional District to run against U.S. Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-11).

“I think the sign will go in the yard either today or tomorrow,” Sherrill said. “I’m committed to be in the district by the primary.”

Sherrill lives in Montclair, a town split into the domains of two congress people.

“This district was gerrymandered in order to keep the incumbent as safe as he can be,” opined Woodland Park Mayor Keith Kazmark, who said he’s studied the district more than he ever would have thought possible.

“Her town is in the district,” Kazmark added. “As a resident she has a right to represent her concerns to either of the two congressmen. Don’t kid yourself. This was gerrymandered to protect Rodney Frelinghuysen. If she were coming from Point Pleasant, it would be a different story but she’s not. She’s moving across town.”

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3 responses to “‘For Sale’ Sign Going Up at Sherrill’s Montclair Residence as She Readies to Move into CD11”

  1. She doesn’t live in the district. Period. Full stop. Moving in months before the primary makes her a Carpetbagger. There are hundreds of thousands of Dems in the district, including the mayor. Not a one of them is qualified to run? They had to import someone to take on Rodney? And they are picking someone from the most Liberal town in the district?? Good Luck.

    As for gerrymandered, the map that was selected was gerrymandered to preserve all but one district for the incumbents. In NJ politics the most important thing is to maintain the status quo, for BOTH parties.

    • I know it’s been three years, but how do you feel now? Mikie has had her house on the market for nearly three years. (She rented in the 11th part of Montclair in order to keep her children in the Montclair Public Schools.) She’s only a few blocks away.
      This week, a Short Hills resident, Rosemary Bacchi, who lives in a $3 million mansion with no intention of moving and sends her children to Morristown-Beard ($40,000+ tuition) instead of the top-rated Millburn schools decided to run in the 11th instead of the 7th she lives in. Is this the person who should represent the 11th? She has no ties to the 11th and as a former resident of Short Hills, I’m fairly sure she has no personal experience that would allow her to understand the problems facing the diverse populations of the 11th.

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