Sales tax holiday another gimmick, Says Assembly GOP Leader

Assemblyman John DiMaio
Assembly Republican Leader John DiMaio continued his call for permanent tax cuts after a joint announcement by Gov. Phil Murphy, Senate President Nick Scutari and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin today that there will be a back-to-school sales tax holiday. “Another underwhelming gimmick when people need real relief,” said DiMaio of Warren County. “How tone deaf are they? When you can’t afford living in New Jersey, this short holiday on notebooks and pencils is meaningless.” Consumers expect to pay about $434 dollars on school supplies and electronics. During the 10-day sales tax holiday, New Jerseyans would save approximately $28.75 on their back-to-school shopping. “It’s a shame that they don’t make a true commitment to provide long-term tax cuts like Republicans have. This is a red herring to make people think they aren’t being overtaxed when they are and continue to be with Democrats in charge,” continued DiMaio. The proposed sales tax holiday will run for 10 days beginning Aug. 27.  DiMaio and Assemblyman Hal Wirths last month proposed an income tax cut for low-income and middle-class families, lowering property taxes by stopping the state from stealing municipal revenue – known as energy tax receipts – and fully funding schools, including returning aid that has been cut. They also support rebates to provide immediate relief. “Under Governor Murphy the only permanent change in taxes have been tax hikes,” said DiMaio. “Let’s not forget that.” Over 60 taxes have been passed since Murphy took office, costing taxpayers at least $5 billion according to initial estimates. Recently, OLS estimated revenue is up by $6.9 billion, the administration estimates it is up $7.8 billion. The cost to taxpayers was not known for 34 of the tax hikes passed by Democrats along partisan lines, and 50 of those taxes are regressive – which means they disproportionately affect low-income and middle-class families.


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