Salters Endorses Scutari for Reelection as Union County Chairman


I am formally endorsing State Senator Nicholas Scutari for another term as the Union County Democratic Chairman. Last year our Union County Democratic Party was fractured due to an intense fight for Chairperson due to the unfortunate passing of our beloved Chairman the Honorable Assemblyman Jerry Green. The remnants of that battle has slow healing scars that are still present today. The healing process  never really started.

When we are gathered in a room for Union County Democratic functions the panoramic view of the room of County Committee Members exudes energy, smarts, toughness, compassion, cunning and obvious success. Many of us have been battle tested, knocked down, dragged out and found a way to still be standing in the room. At some point just to be in the room each of us has a unique individual story of how we got there.

The infighting has to stop. It has to stop now. It’s divisive and unproductive.There are times designated for political skirmishes. This time period is called primary elections. The primary season for 2019 is over.

There are opportunities on the local, county, state and federal levels that we have been unable to maximize our fullest potential due to the focus on rivalries, one upmanship (is that a word), and undermining to gain an edge in the next disagreement. It’s hurting us in Trenton and Washington D.C.

Now let me be the first to say Chairman Scutari did not inherit a utopia. Our homeowners need property tax relief, more opportunities and respect for women, more diversity in our County managerial personnel, our Young Dems need mentoring, support, time and attention to thrive and grow, our urban and suburban municipalities have way more in common then differences but each with specific needs that distinguish them that need to be addressed. We need more economic opportunities for minority businesses to participate in the governmental procurement process. Clearly we have work to do.

This vision can not turn into a reality if we are constantly in relationship chaos. The November elections are up next. A presidential primary and general election are finally within our view in 2020. The bottomline is we need peace. I believe sincerely Chairman Scutari will unite us to achieve the greatness we all want to see and be.

I, wholeheartedly endorse Senator Nicholas Scutari for reelection as Union County Democratic Chairman.


ANTHONY SALTERS is the Democratic Chairman of Hillside. Last year, after running for the job himself, he backed Fanwood Mayor Colleen Mahr for chair.
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