Salters in Response to Mail Hammering Him: ‘Desperate Candidates Who Foresee Their Doom…’

The opponents of Hillside Mayoral candidate Dahlia Vertreese are targeting the local Democratic Party chair in an effort to weaken his citywide candidate.

The mail piece pictured above hit homes over the weekend.

“Novices for sure,” said Salter. “I am not on the ballot until June 2019. Desperate candidates who foresee their doom om Election Day choose desperate measures. Not surprised based on their previous training. This is added reassurance to Hillside voters why the Demoratic base made the right choice and is fully supporting the entire Dahlia Vertreese slate.”

It’s a competitive election, as candidates line up to fill a vacancy created by the Freeholder run this year of Mayor Angela Garretson.

Once envisioned as the lockdown establishment candidate, Councilwoman Salonia Saxton now has outgoing East Orange Mayor Lester Taylor in her corner. At least he showed up to her kickoff. But she also has the backing of two incumbent council people, who Salters opponents say should have lined up with the party organization. Councilman Sip Whitaker is giving up his seat on the governing body to run for mayor. He has the backing of Lionel Leach, a suspended CWA Local 1039 Prez. Attorney Jorge Batista, who ran four years ago and lost to Garretson, has diehard Pablo Fonseca at his back, in addition to former Mayor Joe Menza.

Then there’s Salters and his ticket. Salters supports Local 68 Operating Engineers rep (and Board of Ed member) Dahlia Vertreese for Mayor.

U.S. Rep. Donald Payne, Jr. (D-10) also backs Vertreese for mayor.

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