Sayegh Flirts with Abdel-aziz Endorsement as Pascrell Vows to Call out ‘the Dividers’

At the South Paterson Iftar dinner tonight, Paterson Mayor-elect Andre Sayegh bumped up against the edge of an outright endorsement of Al Abdel-aziz for the 6th Ward Council seat he’s abandoning to become mayor.

Sayegh looked at Abdel-aziz and said said, “Al, in two weeks I become mayor. And, you still live in the 6th Ward, right?”

Everyone cheered, and Passaic County Democratic Committee Chairman John Currie shouted, “Al Abdelaziz!” amid applause.

Later, after Senator Booker – the night’s honorary guest – having arrived, Currie put it in simple terms regarding an Abdelaziz 6th Ward candidacy: “Al, you have no choice”, to the approval of the crowd.  

While heralding a new chapter for Paterson with Sayegh’s election, U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-9) grabbed the mic and vowed, “I’m gonna watch the dividers” in Paterson government.

“I’m gonna speak out” when he sees things going wrong in the city, said the federal-level Sayegh fan.

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