Sciortino Announces Bordentown City Commissioner Candidacy


Former Statehouse veteran Jennifer Sciortino, an active community member with years of government experience, who currently serves as Communications Director for the NJ Department of the Treasury,  announced her candidacy for a four-year term as Bordentown City Commissioner on Monday, after filing petitions and the requisite paperwork to compete in the May 11 non-partisan election.

If elected, Sciortino would be just the third woman to serve on Bordentown City’s Board of Commissioners since the city adopted a commission form of government in 1913.

“I moved to Bordentown City years ago to be closer to work and instantly felt at home here. I have sung Bordentown City’s praises to colleagues, friends, family and anyone who would listen because there is something uniquely charming about this one-square mile city,” said Sciortino. “There is so much at stake right now with a number of new developments on tap that will chart the course of our city for many years to come. If elected, I will put my decades of government experience to good use by working with residents, businesses and city government to make sure we get it right. This starts with fostering an open and inclusive dialogue that embraces diverse points of view.”

Since first calling Bordentown City home in 2008, Sciortino has become an active member of the community, participating in numerous government and civic organizations and activities:

·       Recently appointed to the newly reconstituted Bordentown City Parks Committee;

·       Represented Bordentown City on the Burlington County Democratic Committee for several terms;

·       Helped propel the local animal rescue group Bordentown City Cats (BCC) into an official 501c3 non-profit, saving city government and its taxpayers untold dollars on animal control costs;

·       Organized countless booths for the iconic Cranberry Festival, the Northern Burlington Chamber of Commerce Street Fair, and the Bordentown City Green Fair;

·       Organized BCC’s long-running community flea market and numerous events in partnership with the downtown business community to raise funds to support the group’s rescue efforts; and

·       Member of Bordentown Elks Lodge 2085 since 2014;

“I want to help improve communication between city leaders and our residents. That starts with a willingness to listen,” added Sciortino. “I want to be an advocate and a voice for everyone who calls Bordentown City home – young and old, homeowners and renters alike, small business owners and their patrons, families who have been here for generations and those who have recently put down roots. I walk this city and our neighborhoods numerous times a week. I see what works and what needs improvement. I’m willing to roll up my sleeves and do whatever it takes to make sure Bordentown City remains a vibrant, affordable community with thriving downtown businesses that have something to offer for everyone.”

Sciortino hopes to parlay her professional experience into improving Bordentown’s lines of communication. She brings to the table nearly 25 years of government experience centered on keeping the public informed:

·       Began her career at the local level, serving as the Public Information Officer for the City of Perth Amboy, where she spent six years learning the ins and outs of municipal government and the issues that impact the daily lives of residents;

·       Went on to work for numerous departments and branches of state government – including the Governor’s Office, the NJ Department of Health, and a combined 12 years with both houses of the Legislature – where she dealt with a broad range of issues that impact residents up and down the state, including property tax relief, job creation, and economic development; and

·       Currently serves as Communications Director for the NJ Department of the Treasury where her responsibilities include managing and directing public communications and community awareness for the programs and services under the umbrella of Treasury’s 13 divisions, including the administration of a roughly $40 billion budget, various tax relief programs, public employee pension and benefits, public finance, and property management and construction.

“COVID-19 has been tough for many families and it has also underscored how special Bordentown City really is. At a time when many people feel isolated, all you have to do is step outside your door to feel a sense of community. We have some of the most resilient downtown business owners I’ve ever seen, abundant green space to offer respite, and a unique position at the confluence of the Delaware and Raritan rivers. There is always something new to discover when strolling through our historic neighborhoods.

“At the same time, we have a struggling commercial tax base, a shortage of parking, and water quality issues. There are many untapped resources available to make residents’ lives easier and much more we can do to help connect them with these services. We need a local government committed to embracing new ideas and finding innovative ways to tackle these challenges while still maintaining our city’s historic charm,” Sciortino concluded.

Bordentown City is one of roughly 30 New Jersey municipalities governed under the Walsh Act with a commission form of government. The governing body is comprised of three commissioners who are elected at-large to four-year concurrent terms of office, one of whom is selected to serve as Mayor. Additionally, each commissioner is assigned a specific area of government to oversee during their term in office – Public Safety and Affairs; Revenue and Finance; and Public Property, Streets, and Water.

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