Senate GOP Urges Dems To Table Redistricting Amendment

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

TRENTON – The fifteen members of the Senate Republican caucus sent a letter today urging the sponsors of a proposed amendment to the New Jersey Constitution to table the proposal, saying it is clearly designed to impart a permanent electoral advantage to incumbents and legislative candidates from the Democratic Party.

In the letter to Senator Nicholas Scutari and Senate President Stephen Sweeney, the sponsors of SCR-43/SCR-152, the caucus notes the uniform opposition to the proposal from a host of independent election experts, civil rights groups, and academics from across the political spectrum.

The letter notes that the opposition at a recent hearing on the proposal was unanimous, with witnesses warning that the proposal would constitutionally mandate that future legislative districts be drawn in a way that is mathematically guaranteed to cement and even grow the Democratic Party’s legislative majorities, while disenfranchising millions of voters through reduced competition and less real choice.

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  1. This proposal is undemocratic and another way for those in power to stay in power. Once their power is cemented, they can get away with anything. Please write, call and attend the hearing on Dec. 17 to oppose this proposed constitutional amendment.

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