Senate Republicans Demand Wind Moratorium

Senate Republicans sent a letter to Senate President Nicholas Scutari to express concerns about Governor Murphy’s ill-fated and extreme energy master plan and to request a special legislative session to pass legislation that would prevent foreign offshore wind developers, like Orsted, from receiving another bailout with taxpayer money.

Recent reports indicated that wind developers in surrounding states, like New York, were demanding dramatic contract price increases up to 71% to account for losses caused by high-inflation and supply chain constraints.

Democrat leaders previously shared concerns about the Board of Public Utilities and their expeditious approach on offshore wind projects. Senate Republicans are ready to act and address those concerns now.

The full text of the letter is below: (Click Here for PDF)

Dear Senate President Scutari,

In light of recent events concerning offshore wind developers along the east coast, the Senate Republican Caucus feels compelled to address the urgency of the situation by calling on the Legislature to return to Trenton to pause any further work by the wind industry until we can investigate the impacts associated with the Governor’s extreme energy master plan.

It is abundantly clear that inflation, supply chain constraints, and the lack of necessary infrastructure has handcuffed the entire industry, putting the future of offshore wind development in New Jersey and elsewhere in jeopardy, leaving our residents at risk if we do not act immediately.

You have expressed your own concerns about the Board of Public Utilities approach and the pace at which they were speeding these projects along. Today we are witnessing the ramifications of rushing an ill-fated energy master plan that is costing utility ratepayers dearly. In States like New York, offshore and onshore wind developers are demanding dramatic contract price increases of up to 71% to account for losses caused by high inflation. As a result, the burgeoning of contract prices could increase electricity rates for customers in New York by more than 2.5% and 1.5% respectively, according to energy experts.

We cannot allow companies like Orsted and other wind developers to demand the same treatment in New Jersey. For this reason, we believe it is necessary to reverse course and put a moratorium on all offshore wind development until our collective concerns regarding the economic and environmental impact of these projects are properly studied.

Ratepayers were supposed to receive $1 billion in subsidies to offset existing expenses associated with high energy costs. Instead, this Legislature and Governor Murphy handed over taxpayer dollars to a foreign company. The Legislature must return to Trenton for an emergency vote to ensure that no more subsidies will go to Orsted or any offshore wind developer that does business in New Jersey.

Orsted, and these other offshore wind developers, have made it clear that their bottom line supersedes the safety of the environment — evident of the scores of whales, dolphins, and other marine life that have washed up along our shores since survey work began — and the economic impact that these projects will have on ratepayers and tourism. Representatives of Orsted have gone as far as considering terminating their New Jersey projects, twice, to protect their own interests while hanging our state out to dry. We have now learned that some projects will be delayed until 2026.

If you are as concerned about the trajectory of this project as we are, then you will join us by reconvening in Trenton so the legislature can regain control of these projects until we have a better understanding of their environmental and economic impact on our state. This will allow the legislature to set the record straight with Orsted and other wind developers to protect New Jerseyans from any further financial abuse from foreign wind farm companies.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this matter,


The Senate Republican Caucus

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